Live Webinar: From Workaholic to Lifeaholic

Learn How You Can Become A Super Hero For Your Kids, Enjoy Your Success Much More, And Have Plenty Of Time For Your Family - Without Sacrificing Performance At Work (Heck, Maybe Even Increasing It!)

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Host: Gonzalo Arzuaga

Three Powerful Things You'll Learn At The Webinar:

  • We'll dive into what all other fathers avoid talking about. It's not paying for their clothes or school. It's not even driving them to their infinite activities and bday parties on the weekends. It's at 8:30 at night, when I walk into the home, and my kids automaticall start playing the "let's pretend daddy isn't here" game.
  • When I came back from work yesterday, my 6 year old boy dropped the ipad, came running up to me with a huge smile in this face and said "dady!! Finally‚Ķ you're home. let's play hide and seek like right now pleeease please please". He used to hate playing with me and no bribe would convince him.
  • The change in your kids will be pretty dramatic. You'll go from "The sheriff is back in town, let avoid him like a plague" to a "I wanna get to him faster than the dog". You'll stop barking instruction after instruction to your kids, for starters...

Next Webinar: 25 June, 10am Eastern Standard Time

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