To Every Busy Professional Who Works Hard and Accomplishes A Lot But Still Thinks...

"I Should Be Living A Happier Life!"

Here's how to break the pattern of our primitive mind to only achieve and provide for our families, to Enjoy Life and Become the Superheroes for Our Kids We Always Dreamed of Being, Always Smiling Full of Energy to have some Quality Family Time.

Life Is Slipping Through His Fingers
and Happiness Seems To Constantly Avoid Him.

Time has gone, “Jack” is not 30 anymore and keeps repeating to himself, well, when I achieve a promotion, then I'll enjoy life, then I'll have more time to spend with my kids.

Every New Year’s resolution is the same broken record: Spend more time with the kids, take more vacation time, do the things I really enjoy doing instead of spending countless hours in brain-dead meetings, or world breaking record long days chained at the desk in the office...

But then, a new responsibility, a new issue, some new crisis comes up, blows every desire in just one swoop. Until next year. Or, better said, until next year's resolution comes about.

To continue chasing the same life treadmill, and he's not getting any younger.

He's accomplished a lot, we can call him a very successful person in what he does, in his job.

But in his personal life? Well… that's a totally different story altogether.

"My daddy? He Lives At The Office.."

Still married, but really looks more like roommates than connected, loving partners? What about the kids? Well, they do have a father. At least a picture of him.

But he wasn't around much "...always working, you know?"

So after over 20 years of hard work, where's the payoff? Sure, money's good and everything.

All the perks. But where are the other important things in life; the love, the connection, the fun, the enjoyment?

I totally identify with Jack, because that was me, not long ago.

My name's Gonzalo Arzuaga, and after 20 years as an internet entrepreneur, I had enough.

I know success: built and sold 2 internet companies (for millions, in case you're wondering). Wrote 10 books, lived in 5 countries, speak 5 languages.

Just a little perspective of what I’m about to say.

Today's Professionals Are Under Pressure
Giving Performance A Priority Instead Of Happiness.

If you ask me, that is a backward way of thinking, an imprisonment to your life.

In the recent past, all a professional was required to do is just attend a few right meetings, sending a few emails, presenting a stunning report to the right people and participate in a few things here and there and that was it. Money, promotion and success was readily available to almost anyone.

But, hey, things are not the same anymore.

NOW, you're expected to:

  • Be available 24 hours a day. Not stopping or sleeping
  • Manage all the latest technologies, and see how they can impact the business
  • Attend unlimited meetings and trainings, physically and virtually, at wee hours every day
  • Be able to present like a TV show host
  • Look like a movie actor, even though you're left with no time to hit the gym
  • Speak 3 languages
  • Read 10 books a week, not to get left behind
  • Keep on top of what's going on in the industry via Twitter and Facebook
  • Manage the growing virtual team while cutting costs with sharp skills

And if you're looking for things to get easier, let me break it up for you, I have some bad news though…Very scary news...!

This Trend Is Speeding Up, With No End Signs!!

Technology makes people more traceable, accountable, available, and accessible.

More and more talent from around the world are competing for fewer jobs.

Unable to cope, most professionals, are just running faster. But this is a race that's impossible to win. You're digging a deeper hole, like in quicksand.

I used to follow that wrong path too. For years and years I tried to cope just by running forward like the roadrunner in cartoons.

Did I get anywhere with it?

No, All I saw is the years pass by, first 5 years down the line, then 10, then 15 and I thought to myself that life should be much more than just plain work.

Breaking the work-eat-sleep pattern was hard. We seem to be programmed to deliver, add value, and perform; but to enjoy? Never.

And then one day I realized that in 5 years, there'll be less email, less content, less things to catch up with…It’s a lie. It’s quite the opposite, actually.

The Most Important Thing In Life Is To Enjoy It!

Success, accomplishments and our jobs are just a means to an end.

The problem is we let it to become an end on itself. No wonder there's so much heart attack in major multinational corporations.

Today, and increasingly in the future, a professional who masters the life game is the one who know how to balance.

Most professionals know how to work hard 10-20 years, but life is much, much longer than that.

Some studies show that medical science advancements would be expected to live 100 years.

But if you only work, work, work you might drop dead after 20 years. You need to sharpen your axe.

So here is what I did; thinking about it differently.
Smarter, not harder.
Balanced, not just one-dimensional life.

Happiness is the variable to maximize, not productivity. And great things started happening in my life.

It was a mindset.

In the past, when I heard about a new technology that might impact my business, what would I do?

I'd dive into it myself. Read tons of reports, talk to the players in the industry, attend seminars, and go paranoid for weeks if not months.

I invested hours upon hours upon hours into research. Reading about it at 2am wasn't unusual.

But what's totally wrong is that I treated TIME as it was an unlimited resource. Because we power time with our energy. And time is finite.

If I read 4 hours at night, well, then that didn't give me time to play with my kids ("sorry darling, but I'm busy"), no time for my wife, and no time for myself to unwind, exercise, or go out with friends.

The more I dig, the deeper the hole seemed to go. The more I knew, the more I realized I didn't know.

When I Tried To Connect With My Kids, They Barely Knew Who I Was…

Frustrating as you can imagine, how did I cope? You gotcha… With more work.

Being less available, to soften the pain how it felt being ignored by my own family. They're supposed to be the most important thing in my life.

Well, it turns out they didn't need the successful person, they just needed the present dad.

Who was there to play, who was there to help, who was there to give a listening ear.

So I Decided Something Drastic Had To Be Done!

Divorce wasn’t a major concern to me. But my kids ignoring me?

Gee, that was freaking painful. After all my kids were my life, or at least that's what I used to say, to believe.

You have to understand my dad passed when I was 1, so I was determined to be there for my kids.

And I wasn't achieving it by a long shot. Sure, I was working from home, but I was unavailable emotionally, no time for them.

I won't bore you with the details, but I came up with a system that's short, and to the point, that delivers results fast, helping me enjoy my life and my time in a way I never thought it could be possible.

And funny enough, I'm achieving the same or even more than before!

So I coined a phrase that helped me overcome my fears, and all the obstacles I had to go through transforming my life.

Prioritize Happiness, Not Productivity.

Every time I have to make a decision now, I put the decision to the test: am I allocating my time to be more productive, or to enjoy life more?

I still get lots of work. So the money, success, accomplishments part didn't suffer one bit.

It's totally counter-intuitive, I know. I used to think that.

But today, no matter if it's a Monday or a Saturday, I can fully enjoy playing outside with my 3.5 years old daughter, watching a movie together (yesterday we watched an episode of Sofia the First at 10:53 am).

To her, now I'm super hero, as I always dreamed of being, just like my dad couldn't be for me.

Luckily enough, I was only in my early 40's when I decided I still had a chance to enjoy life.

And I'm happy I didn't give up on myself. I still have plenty of time to enjoy with my family, and keep doing the business I love. In a different way, with a different mindset.

It's possible. It's TOTALLY possible.

It was for me, and I'm convinced it's possible for you.

That's why I put a set of packages to accommodate your different needs and desires.

From workaholic to lifeaholic, it's not only possible, but maybe it's the only way to really start enjoying life the way it should be.

See you inside the program!

Pick the one that fits you best, and start living the life you always dreamed.

Your Life Will Transform In Front Of Your Eyes, In 30 Days or Less, Guaranteed.
Now, How Fast Would You Like It?

Because you might not be like the next person, that's why I put together different packages.

People who take action, are ambitious, and know what they want, go for the faster options.

Other people are just "kinda want to feel happier", then they'll go for the starter packages.

Pick the one that suits you best.

Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to live...

1) Gold Pack - Change Your Mindset & Articulate Your Transformation

It includes:

7 Steps To Becoming An Amazingly Happy Lifeaholic (Video program)

  • 20 videos - around 3-5 mins each
  • I dive deep into all aspects you need to know to enjoy your success more
  • From how to deal with your kids and spouse, to handle stress at work

50 Guided meditations That'll Help You Relax And KISS STRESS GOODBYE  (4+ hours of AUDIOS!)

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A 45-mins call with Gonzalo

  • You can vent or share your current reality so we can identify the 3 main things you need to focus on
  • Together we'll devise a simple plan to start executing from day 1
  • Skype or phone call set at a mutual convenient time within 1 week of your purchase

BONUS #1: 60 Ideas To Celebrate Any Achievement (Big Or Small)

  • We all need help coming up with creative, fun, and great ideas to celebrate.
  • Oprah Winfrey said "The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."
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BONUS #5: 80 Productivity Hacks & Tips From Successful Startup Founders

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2) Platinum Pack - Guarantee and Sustain Your Transformation

It includes:
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IMPORTANT: You need to qualify for the Platinum Program. We host weekly group calls and it's important to see if you're a good fit to the group. We'll use our 45' call to decided together if joining the group is a good idea or not. In case we decide we're not, you'll be refunded 100% of your money.


8-week live group calls coaching

  • If date and time are not convenient for you, you could email your questions.
  • You can access all the recordings.
  • Live calls

Weekly Email Follow-up (For 2 months)

  • It's done PERSONALLY by Gonzalo Arzuaga
  • Not having someone hold you accountable is the key for not achieving profound, transformative change in a critical issue of your life (is your enjoyment/happiness a critical issue in your life?)
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A 45-mins call with Gonzalo

  • We'll figure out if joining the group is the best thing for you (If we both agree that it isn't) you'll get fully refunded.
  • In this exploratory call we'll dive deep into your motivations, fears, objectives you're aiming at accomplishing
  • Skype or phone call set at a mutual convenient time within 1 week of your purchase
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