There are few people in life that have continued to give me inspiration like Gonzalo. He dedication to perfection and helping others is unmatched by most professionals. Once he sets his eyes on a goal then it is best to stand aside and prepare to be impressed. Thanks for all you have done to keep the dream alive!

Shane Barker, VP of Digital Marketing
Sacramento, CA

Every time I see Gonzalo, he lights up a room, and his presence doesn't go unnoticed. His energy is uplifting, honest and you can clearly see, he was born to inspire others. He is ambitious, motivated, a go getter, someone you can go for advice and his feedback will always be generous and kind. He knows how to speak the truth in love, and that's what I admire about him the most.  Knowing that he will share this gift with others and help support their journey with his inspirational presence makes me happy and proud. Gonzalo has been a friend for many years now.

Paula Lacobara | Women's empowerment and beauty coach
New York City, NY

Gonzalo is a very creative and motivated entrepreneur who's vision is to inspire the rest of the world.  We've worked together for several years in the areas of social media and I've seen first hand his commitment to this goal. You only need to talk to him for a few moments to understand the depth of his vision to inspire the world to go for their dreams.  I'm very hopeful he will be able to touch millions and inspire others to create lives they've always dreamed of.

David Roads
Peoria, IL

I met Gonzalo in Shanghai, where we both lived for a while. I heard about Inspower within days of having met him, in 2005. The dream was already on then, and it could do nothing but take shape and grow if Gonzalo was the force in charge. Gonzalo is one of the most cheerful and energetic people I've ever met. His disposition is amazing and fun, and his work ethics admirable. He was in Shanghai to learn Mandarin, and he studied with commitment and incredible discipline, considering the spirit of the city and the innumerable distractions available. Gonzalo has a knack to make friends. More importantly, he has remained a good friend throughout the years.

Sonia Zivkovic | CEO, Pana Wakke Productions
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gonzalo is a very positive person, ready to listen in order to understand what I need and offer me his help, being in advice, points of view and other people that can help me. He's vey energetic and always positive. I find his enthusiasm very contagious!

Nora Kurtin | Founder & CEO, Sapos y Princesas
Miami, FL

Gonzalo is relentlessly positive and wants to see people succeed in everything they do. That, and he's just an all around good guy!

Andrew Follett | Founder,
Chicago, IL

I interview probably 50 influential tech investors and executives each year, and Gonzalo is by far one of the most personable people you will ever meet. Throw in his brilliance and wisdom, you have one heck of a business leader! There is no way you can be around Gonzalo and not be genuinely pumped up and motivated to conquer the world. I am lucky and blessed to now be able to call him a dear friend.

Eric Strait | Co-founder of Tech Hustlers and CEO of Strait PR
Austin, TX

My nickname for Gonzalo is the "passionate entrepreneur" because he is extremely passionate about not only following his passions but guiding others to follow their own path. Gonzalo's work ethic and integrity are of the highest caliber. He is diligent, tenacious and focused in his efforts. His passion for finding the perfect synergy between achieving goals and following dreams is quite inspiring.

Adam Toren | Award winning Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor & Investor. @thebizguy
Phoenix, AZ

I have come to know with Gonzalo over the past few years as we have worked together to maximize our social media presence while posting motivational and inspirational quotes for hundreds of thousands of people to see. He has been one of the few people that I have met over the internet that I feel a sense of trust and security with in this occupation. Honesty and integrity are two values that I cling to and I see those same values in Gonzalo. He and I are both striving for time freedom with our work and have a passion to help plant positive seeds in the lives of others. I know that he will achieve his noble goal of reaching 1 million people with his Inspower movement, as his social media presence already nearly doubles that! Gonzalo is an inspiration to many and I look forward to continuing to partner with him in the future.

Ben Sliva | Mechanical Engineering Student at Texas A&M University
Houston, TX

Gonzalo sat with me and taught me how to create new brands. Whenever I create a new site, it's based on what he told me that day.

Andrew Warner | Founder & CEO,
Washington, DC

Gonzalo is an amazing individual with a genuine passion to help other's realize their full potential. After 18 years as an Internet entrepreneur he has decided to drop everything and pursue this passion full time. My hat goes to him for making this bold move and for being an inspiration to all the people that are yet to pursue their dreams.

Miguel Hernandez | CEO, GrumoMedia
Vancouver, Canada

Gonzalo's book "Casos Destacados" and some of his inspirational talks are one of the reasons I decided to start my own company. Now after 5 years of running my business, millions of dollars in sales and 30+ employees in 3 different continents I can tell you that reading or listening to him speak will spark ideas, motivation and an unstoppable desire to start working on achieving your wildest goals and dreams. If you are at that point where you had a goal for a while and struggled to get it done... grab everything Gonzalo has to offer. I promise... it will help you.

Juan Martitegui | CEO, MindValley Hispano
Pilar, Argentina

If inspiring was a musical instrument, Gonzalo is the best playing it.

Matias de Tezanos | Founder,
New York, NY